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Physical Therapy is a specialized field within health care with a mission to improve the health and performance of people with short or long term disabilities, movement issues or pain, and also seeks to rehabilitate others who are recovering post-accident or post-injury. In general, methods that are used may include relevant exercises, motivation, adapted equipment, education, and advocacy.  Physical Therapy relies greatly on the trust, relationship, and interaction built between physical therapists and their patients.  Learn more about why we’re so different, by continuing to browse our site or giving us a call.

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Physical Therapy is one of the major services that we offer. Our therapists work closely with patients to help them improve their movement potential and gain a healthier and more complete way of life.

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Our Yorktown Office combines top notch Physical Therapy with sports training, Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts and Chiropractic to give you an all-around health and fitness experience.

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Your personal physical therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your functional limitations and areas of pain. Our team of expert physical therapists will design a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

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