Matthew has over 20 years of experience working in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine treating high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

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At Haven PT, we provide thorough and first-rate physical therapy for children aging from newly born infants to adolescents. Physical therapy sessions with our expert pediatric physical therapists are accessible to children undergoing multiple causes of improper, slow, or abnormal physical functionality.

Come visit our offices in White Plains and Mahopac, NY for comprehensive evaluation sessions. Your child’s initial reports include elaborately diagnosed problems, intervened with medically approved physical therapy, and followed by detailed prognosis for children of all ages facing distinct functional limitations.

Why Need

Pediatric Physical Therapy Can Treat

Here are a few causes that necessitate pediatric physical treatment and therapy.
Milestone Delay
Milestones are behavioral or physical checkpoints in a child’s development as they mature. A milestone delay is more than just being “slower to develop” or “a little behind.” Sometimes it means a child is constantly behind in developing due to physical constraints.
Poor Coordination
Our pediatric physical therapists help improve the motor planning of children, which is the ability to think of and perform a motor act, like writing with a pencil
Genetic Disorders
We help children with genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome, become capable of physically carrying out their day to day chores. Children with neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy are also in dire need of physical therapy to improve muscle/nerve conditions.
Physical Impairment
When your child starts showing symptoms of muscular disability or is arthritically challenged, even progressing toward worsening orthopedic conditions, these hindrances crush their self-esteem and freedom to move and play. We wish to give every child the right to live a playful and physically healthy childhood.
Defect in Posture
One complaint that roars among concerned parents is the bad posture of your child, which gradually starts ruining their physical stature, confidence, and agility. Our sport-inspired exercises rejuvenate their bodies with perfect athletic posture at all times.
White Plains Pediatric Physical Therapy


Role of a Pediatric Physical Therapist

Our expert pediatric physical therapists evaluate and treat children with a multitude of curable ailments. We also keep a follow-up of your child’s steady progress and positive response to our treatment. Children who have high-risk or lifelong impairments are dealt with on firm medical grounds as well.


Initially, our pediatric therapists prepare a detailed analysis report stating your child’s musculoskeletal, cognitive, and sensory assessments.


Diagnosis includes identified illness, or area of concern, most suitable physical therapy, and its scope of healing the defect.


Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy

Haven PT puts in diligent efforts to reestablish the physical health of children and let them develop accurate functionality skills. Our programs ensure improvement in your child’s:
  • neuromotor skills
  • cognition
  • memory
  • manipulation
  • balance and positioning
  • scenario development
  • coordination and communication
  • agility
  • attention span
Pediatric Physical Therapist In White Plains