Matthew has over 20 years of experience working in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine treating high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

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A healthy body needs to have a sturdy and upright posture. Your posture highly depends on the physical condition of your spine and muscular health. If you experience unbearable lower back pain, Haven’s physical therapy for lower back pain is all that you need. Get yourself examined and treated in the best hands of qualified and trusted physicians and therapists with us. We adopt verified and professionally acclaimed methods to heal your pain. Our proficiently designed physical therapy exercises use various modalities and exercise routines. We aim to decrease your pain, increase your body’s rapid and active functionality, and educate you on preventative measures to avoid future back pain.


Our Process

Initially, we advise our patients to recognize their pain pattern. If your lower back pain has increased or persisted for more than two weeks, or if this pain recurs after short but frequent intervals of time, we certainly recommend you to consult our therapists for immediate remedy. 


Therapies We Offer

prone presses ansprone presses static abs, Passive Physical Therapy (Modalities)

This is the initial stage of healing which includes massage, electrical stimulation, spinal manipulation treatment, heat or ice pack application for ruptured ligaments and tissues followed by exercises and workouts.

Active Physical Therapy (Exercises)

  • Stretching and Yoga:

This mode of physical therapy for lower back pain specifically helps you get rid of pain and stiffness and improves flexibility and endurance.

  • Trunk Exercises:

Improve your trunk strength and release your lower back pains for good. Some very useful sets for trunk strengthening include static abs, sit-ups, crunches, prone presses, extension work and leg raises.

The stress value is gradually increased over time.

  • Static and Dynamic Stabilization Exercises:

These exercises are supported by various stress focused tools that support your spine with varying ranges of motion. Some stabilization exercises require balancing machines, kettle bells, stretch cables, or weights.

A very popularly practiced exercise is the “lumbar traction”.


Benefits of Physical Therapy for Lower Backache

Trunk strength

Lower back pain relief can be possible once you start pushing your limits in strengthening the trunk through effective exercises in our physical therapy for back pain.

Posture correctness

We work on making your posture perfectly upright and movement equally flexible through the physical therapy programs for lower back pain relief stressing emphasis on correct neutral spine curve and alignment.  Not the traditional misnomer known as straight back.

Reduction from the possibility of painful surgery

After consulting your general physician or trauma center, physical therapy is an alternate suggestion before jumping onto the painful and straining procedure of back surgery. This therapy might heal your pain faster and save you from all the turmoil, agony, and expense of surgery.

Balanced weight distribution

When your trunk is strengthened and your spine is corrected, your posture automatically adds beauty to your personality. 

Increased metabolism

The stomach’s smooth function also depends largely on the way your back and trunk are treated. If you take good care of your trunk and back, this reflects in enhanced digestion and metabolism.