Matthew has over 20 years of experience working in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine treating high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

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Haven PT realizes the stresses and emotional decline an athlete has to endure once they have to leave their passion, career,  aggression,  sport. And that too in the lost hopes of never being able to recover from an on-field injury!

Our sports rehabilitation therapists render effective therapies that evaluate the scope of an injured player to rejoin the game and be declared as “Fit to play”! Our meticulous therapy minimizes chances of re-injury as well.


Benefits of Sports Rehabilitation Therapy


We do not limit professional sportsmen to closed rooms of a rehab center. Instead, we give you a complete yet carefully controlled sports environment along with all modalities required for assessment or risk management.

Physical therapy in sports targets many areas of well-rounded athletic fitness, including but not limited to:

  • endurance and stamina
  • trunk and extremity neuromuscular strengthening and education
  • recognition of multi-directional rehabilitation concepts
  • balance and positioning
  • line familiarization
  • spatial relations
  • gradual joint fatigue to test joint functionality and stress
  • flexibility and agility

Our exercises are carefully designed not to give your body an overload of muscular strain, rather we wish to let you revitalize your body with the same magnitude and pressure your body is immune to.

An athlete’s muscle memory is very strong. Once you are put back into the same challenging situation, your body surprisingly knows how to reciprocate.

The entire therapy is gradual, highly controlled, and carefully monitored under the supervision of experienced therapists and sport-specific coaches.

What We Offer

What We Offer in Sports Rehab Program

Decrease Protecting your Injury:

Once you decide to undergo physical therapy for rehabilitating in your desired sport, you need to trust our expertise. We avoid giving any kind of stress to the already damaged body part or the targeted injury which is in its healing process.

Yes, you may witness inflammation, swelling, or extreme pain on your injury in the first few sessions, but that might be a reason for making your body re-adapt to physical stress altogether.

Simultaneous Workout for the Entire Body:

Our priority is full recovery of your injury, but absolute fitness is our goal. Our therapeutic sessions keep testing your core strength, movement rate, repetitive skill recognition, breath redemption, drills, and on-field sport specified practices. This helps players have faith and hope.

We don’t want you to become frantic and impatient about the arduous and possibly slow recovery of your injury. Our rehabilitation wishes to help you regain confidence in the techniques you master. It is an effort to keep your entire body under physical healing!

Gradual Rise in Difficulty Level:

Once our experts declare your specific concern has improved, we step into the real fun. We start by giving you exercises related to your sport at the beginner level.

Your muscle memory may be shouting that you are ready, but too much pressure on the injury too soon may also bring early repercussions.

Return to Your Game and Reduce the potential for future Injury:

Even after successfully returning to the field with an all-clear report, we still recommend following up visits to monitor your success rate on the field. During post-recovery sessions, we make you aware of the cautions you need to take while playing and the consultancy you need for the slightest pain you may experience.